VIC Roads accepts PORTABOOM

Traffic & Access Solutions is please to announce that Victorian roads and worksites are set to become significantly safer with PORTABOOM®. The revolutionary PORTABOOM®, which is TIPES certified and approved by the Australian Roads and Research Board (ARRB), has now been accepted for use by VIC Roads. 

VIC Roads now joins its equivalent state road authorities in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia in accepting the PORTABOOM® system of work for all traffic and access control operations. 

Robert Cazzolli, Director of Traffic & Access Solutions commented that “It’s encouraging to see VIC Roads recognising the safety benefits of PORTABOOM®. This acceptance coincides with an increase in demand and widespread deliveries of PORTABOOM® units to the state. PORTABOOM® has quickly become common sight on roadwork zones and construction sites in Victoria and around the nation.” 

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