About Us


TAS Ltd is an Australian owned company that specialises in innovative solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency of managing the integration of people and vehicles.

Initiated primarily as a Portable Traffic Control Device due to too many Traffic Controllers being killed or seriously injured through vehicle collisions whilst working on Australian roadwork sites, TAS holds the belief that the key to eliminating such events is to create SAFE, SMART WORKSITES.

Our History

Traffic & Access Solutions (TAS) was founded in 2013 when our company directors identified the need to create safer roadwork sites after witnessing first hand a serious near miss. Armed with over 20 years experience working within the Traffic Management Industry, our Directors weren't satisfied with the industry accepted, yet unsafe, traffic control methods. So they searched Australia and then the world to find a safer, better way of doing things. After an extensive and fruitless search, our directors were determined to discover safer alternatives to STOP / SLOW traffic control methods. They decided that they had no choice but to develop innovative solutions to keep traffic controllers safe by being off the road. That is how PORTABOOM® was born.

In 2017, SafeWork NSW crowned D&D Group the WINNER of BEST SOLUTION FOR AN IDENTIFIED WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAEFTY ISSUE (Large Business) for the use of PORTABOOM® for traffic control operations. View the SafeWork NSW case study here:

Our Beliefs and Values

Our Philosophy

Innovation is the key to creating SAFE, SMART WORKSITES.

Accepting the current status quo is unacceptable when it proves unsafe - improvements can only occur when change paves the way.

Technology must be embraced as it continues to evolve, and we are committed to leading the way.


The Portaboom Story