PORTABOOM® is a patented, portable boom gate specifically designed for all temporary traffic control, Access Control and Event Management scenarios, replacing unsafe methods by removing the operator from the Road.

Easily moved and operated

PORTABOOM® can easily be moved and operated by specially trained traffic control personnel to provide a safe work environment for the general public, private vehicles, workers, plant and machinery.

Operated by remote control

It is operated by remote control from a safe zone, removing Traffic Controllers from the direct line of traffic.

Superior in its safety

When compared with stop/slow methods and temporary traffic signals, PORTABOOM® is superior in its safety offering due to the physical barrier being in place to protect worksite.

PORTABOOM® can be used in approximately 80% of situations replacing traditional traffic control methods including:

Temporary traffic control

Local, residential street closures

Lane closures

Motorway & tunnel closures

Access control to worksites

Event management

Pedestrian management

Traffic Managment

Watch this video to see the benefits of using PORTABOOM® over traditional stop/slow traffic control methods:
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Event Management and Security

Watch this video to see how PORTABOOM® has redefined best practice in regards to Event Management and Security Operations:
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Councils and Government

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PORTABOOM® enhances safety by

Eliminating the risk of operators standing in the direct line of traffic, thereby eliminating the risk of vehicle collisions.
Providing a physical, highly visible barrier that protects the work zone ensuring motorists STOP.
Reduces traffic controller fatigue compared with traditional Stop/Slow traffic control methods.
Allowing traffic controllers to take more breaks as one traffic controller can operate up to four PORTBOOM® devices.
Reducing the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration and sunburn as traffic controllers can operate PORTABOOM® from shaded safe zones during warmer weather.
Allowing greater onsite mobility. Rather than being confined to one spot, traffic controllers can assist pedestrians, workers and residents meanwhile the PORTABOOM® device provides a safe physical barrier.
Reducing stress levels on traffic controllers by reducing the threat and intimidation from aggressive motorists.
Providing wireless remote control operation allowing traffic controllers to perform more regular site audits, checking cones and signage therefore ensuring clear instructions for motorists.
Significantly reducing the risk of motorists ignoring traffic controllers or temporary traffic light signals
More effectively implementing worksite lockdowns.

PORTABOOM® is a patented design and is the world's first portable barrier gate solution.

Traffic and Access Solutions developed PORTABOOM® with a coordinated team of highly experienced experts in safety, traffic control, operations, engineering and electronics. Through the development and testing process initial prototypes were refined and PORTABOOM® now boasts the following features:

  • Easy to operate - PORTABOOM® is operated by a single button, remote control eliminating any confusion and minimising traffic controller error.
  • Stable, yet portable - A single device weighs 90kg with four solid wheels (rear wheels have brakes for added safety). The devices weight ensures that it is heavy enough for stability and to withstand adverse weather, yet light enough to easily manoeuvrer on wheels.
  • Easy to set up, no tools required - Traffic controllers assemble PORTABOOM® onsite without the need for any tools. The boom gate and stability legs are attached and detached with ease.
  • Fast Assembly - It takes only 5 minutes to set up a PORTABOOM® device. Traffic controllers wont be wasting valuable time at the start of shifts setting it up.
  • Longevity of battery life - The rechargeable batteries provide up to 6,500 movements, up and down.
  • Wind rating - Tests show that PORTABOOM® can withstand wind speeds of up to 82.8 km/h
Designer & features exclusive to PORTABOOM

Utilising PORTABOOM® can result in significant financial efficiencies

  • One trained traffic controller can operate up to four PORTABOOM® devices providing financial cost savings.
  •  Trained traffic controllers provide more value to the client whilst ensuring better concentration and situational awareness.
When compared with traditional traffic control methods, the use of PORTABOOM® delivers up to 30% cost savings per crew to clients. Contact us to find out more.
The following diagram highlights the benefits of using PORTABOOM® compared with Stop/Slow traffic control methods at the same roadwork intersection.
Traditional Traffic Control vs Portable Boom