Traffic & Access Solutions and Kennards Hire join forces in providing PORTABOOM across Australia & New Zealand

Traffic & Access Solutions and Kennards Hire have entered into a partnership agreement ensuring PORTABOOM® is readily accessible for hire across mainland Australia and New Zealand. This agreement solidifies both companies pledge to making roadwork zones and worksites safer by removing people from any direct line of traffic. 

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Effective September 2017, the partnership agreement ensures that PORTABOOM® is readily available for clients needing short or long-term hire. Clients will also benefit by accessing PORTABOOM®’s safe operating procedure training and tools designed to help clients seamlessly integrate PORTABOOM® into their operations to achieve both safety benefits and financial cost efficiencies.    

Robert Cazzolli, Director of Traffic & Access Solutions, has praised Kennards Hire for entering into the partnership arrangement. “When seeking a hire partner for PORTABOOM®, the single most important aspect for us was partnering with a company whose values closely align with our own. Kennards Hire’s commitment to product innovation, safety solutions and value to clients makes for a strong and trusted alliance. We have entered into a joint commitment in ensuring PORTABOOM® is available for hire across mainland Australia and New Zealand, with additional training and support tools to help clients implement a PORTABOOM® solution within their operations.”

Braden Murrin, Head of Asset Procurement at Kennards Hire said, “PORTABOOM® has transformed traffic management making it significantly safer. We will be offering up PORTABOOM® to our traffic control, construction and event management customers as well as our local governments and infrastructure customers, as a safer solution to traffic management on their work sites. It is our pleasure to work with Traffic & Access Solutions to ensure this industry changing is deployed on all worksites around Australia and New Zealand.”

PORTABOOM® is available to hire from selected Kennards Hire branches. 

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