PORTABOOM(R)’s three unique applications, one construction site!

Constructing the tallest building in the bustling heart of North Sydney presents major traffic and pedestrian hazards. With safety being the utmost importance, it’s not surprising that D&D Traffic Management, with the help of the revolutionary PORTABOOM®, is at the helm of traffic and pedestrian control at this major construction site.

The construction site, located at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney, is a particularly challenging site due to the narrow nature of the streets, the high volume of pedestrian foot traffic and the ongoing operations of several businesses, including two major supermarkets, in very close proximity. These issues all present their own safety hazards that need to be carefully managed. At any given time there can be up to five PORTABOOM® units operating on the site by D&D Traffic Management’s Traffic Controllers. The PORTABOOM® applications include:

  • Traffic Control
  • Lane Closures
  • Access Control
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D&D Traffic Management’s, Balwinder Kaur, has been working as a Team Leader at the site since construction began. She share’s her experience by offering these comments…

“When we first began traffic control services at the site, we didn’t have PORTABOOM®. We had to stand on the road to direct traffic using stop /slow bats. On many occasions, motorists were aggressive and sometimes ignored our signals. We were very happy when PORTABOOM® was introduced to the site. It’s easy to use and we feel much safer not having to stand in the middle of the road and motorists can’t ignore PORTABOOM® because its a barrier.”

“PORTABOOM® is used for traffic control on several roads surrounding the block. There are a lot of businesses that operate right across the street from the construction site so there are many delivery vehicles trying to access the area. Using PORTABOOM® helps us safely manage the flow of traffic.”

“There is a PORTABOOM® unit positioned at the main site gate which serves the purpose of access control. The site is kept secure by the boom arm until a delivery or contractor vehicle arrives. The access gate is operated 20-30 times in a day. Most of these vehicles are large trucks that often knock over signs and cones as they navigate the narrow street. Using PORTABOOM® allows us to be mobile on site whilst keeping the site secure, it means that we are able to reposition signs and pick up knocked over cones more easily.”

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