PORTABOOM Traffic Light

PORTABOOM® PB2000L Traffic Light Accessory provides an additional visual feature to enhance safety by providing further advanced warning for a motorist to prepare to STOP. 

• For use at all temporary traffic control scenarios replacing traditional stop/slow traffic control.

• Traffic Light accessory is synchronised with the PORTABOOM® arm and is operated by the same remote control.

• Current PORTABOOM® traffic planning methods remain with the addition of the ‘Traffic Light’ symbolic sign and ‘Stop Here on Red’ sign.

• The PORTABOOM® unit with the Traffic Light accessory reduces the risk of motorists disobeying temporary traffic lights as the boom arm provides a physical barrier,

• The Traffic Light accessory is powered by the PORTABOOM® unit power source with performance reaching up to 13,000 cycles. No additional power is required.

• Easy to assemble.

• May be used in conjunction with other PORTABOOM® unit accessories, including the PB2000L Pedestrian Light. 

How does it work?

Operation from STOP to GO 

When the traffic light signal is red, the boom arm is in the horizontal position. Activating the remote control raises the boom arm into the vertical position, meanwhile the traffic light signal will remain red. After 2 to 3 seconds of the boom arm being raised, the traffic light turns green advising motorists that it is safe to


Operation from GO to STOP

When the boom arm is in the vertical position, the traffic light is green. Activating the remote control changes the traffic light to amber and then red. After 2 to 3 seconds the boom arm lowers down to the horizontal position, securing the work zone. Transition times as per AS4191:2015.

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PORTABOOM Traffic Light


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