PORTABOOM® Solar Panel provides power to the PORTABOOM® unit. Eliminates the need for interval recharging of the PORTABOOM® unit.

Features of the PORTABOOM® Solar Panel

• Ideal when PORTABOOM® units are required on longer-term worksites.

• Environmentally friendly – uses solar energy to power the PORTABOOM® unit.

• Eliminates the need for interval recharging of the PORTABOOM® unit at a power outlet.

• Easy to install. The Solar Panel is secured to the top of the main PORTABOOM® unit via a custom attachment.

• The 40 Watt Solar Panel can be positioned at different angles maximising the sun exposure.

• The Solar Panel draws an average of 2.23 AMP’s of power per hour ensuring a surplus of power for usage even on darker or overcast days.

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