PORTABOOM Mounted Trailer

All in one PORTABOOM® unit and transport solution. 

The PORTABOOM® unit is mounted onto the transport trailer. It’s designed specifically to be towed into position and operated while the PORTABOOM® unit remains fixed to the trailer.

Features of the PORTABOOM® Mounted Trailer :

• The PORTABOOM® Mounted Trailer is a PORTABOOM® unit fixed to a custom-built trailer that is towed into position and doesn’t require loading or unloading of the PORTABOOM® unit.

• Each trailer is individually registered and can be towed independently or as a tandem, as required.

• Universal tow bar.

• The quick release function makes it easy to detach the PORTABOOM® Mounted Trailer and fast to set up.

• Includes a storage container for easy transport of the boom arm.

The PORTABOOM® Mounted trailer is the ideal solution for long term large civil construction projects.

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PORTABOOM Mounted Trailer


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