Versatile, interchangeable transport solution. Makes transporting, loading and unloading PORTABOOM® units easy, efficient and safe.

Features of the PORTABOOM® Jib POD:

• Electric remote-controlled winch enables quick and easy loading and unloading of the PORTABOOM® units.

• The remote control winch offers stop / start functionality allowing precision loading and unloading of the PORTABOOM® unit.

• The Jib POD is interchangeable. It can be installed on either the side or back of a vehicle, or on a trailer to suit your requirements.

• Customised transport solution that’s versatile and suits the needs of any fleet requirements.

• Accommodates up to four (4) PORTABOOM® units.

• The Jib PODs electric winch is powered by a PORTABOOM® Unit. • Economical, low cost solution.

The PORTABOOM® Electric Jib POD gives you the choice of transporting up to four PORTABOOM® units on either a vehicle or trailer depending on your needs.

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