PORTABOOM Lauches in Western Australia

Western Australian road work zones are about to become safer. Traffic & Access Solutions is finalising the preparations for PORTABOOM®’s launch into WA. Leading Perth-based traffic management company, WARP Traffic Management, has been trialling the use of PORTABOOM® in local work zones in conjunction with Main Roads, WA. 

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WARP Traffic Management’s Managing Director, Stephen O’Dwyer said “We’ve found that not only did the product bring an improved level of safety for our employees, but they were also more actively engaged with the site and are more proactive around active traffic management.

PORTABOOM® provided a very clear indication to motorists of what was required of them and there was a noticeable difference in compliance. Incidentally, it allowed a more efficient monitoring of traffic for side streets and roads less travelled. Overall, there was a reduction in manpower and a significant reduction in time spent in more hazardous environments by our traffic controllers.”

He Added “Whilst there was apprehension from our traffic controllers at first glance, they now unanimously agreed that PORTABOOM® provides for a safer and more efficient worksite.

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Our clients were impressed with PORTABOOM® and could immediately see the benefits both in safety and in overall cost of traffic management.”

Robert Cazzolli, Director of Traffic & Access Solutions praises WARP Traffic Management for its commitment in making Traffic Control safer “WARP Traffic Management is to be commended for leading the way in Western Australia to set new safety benchmarks for Traffic Control. We encourage all Traffic Management companies to experience the safety and financial benefits that PORTABOOM® has to offer.”  

PORTABOOM® is TIPES Certified by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) for use on all Australian local, state and national roads.