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Traffic Managment

PORTABOOM® has set the new benchmark in traffic management in regards to safety and cost efficiency. Replacing traditional stop/slow methods of traffic control, the PORTABOOM® system or work allows the traffic controller to stand off the road and in a safe zone. The traffic controller operates PORTABOOM® using a remote control which eliminates the need for the traffic controller to stand in the direct line of traffic. PORTABOOM® provides the added protection of a physical barrier to secure the worksite. 

Watch this video to see the benefits of using PORTABOOM® over traditional stop/slow traffic control methods:

Traffic Control Applications

PORTABOOM® is designed for use in the following applications:

Watch this video to see how PORTABOOM® has revolutionised traffic control operations:

The benefits of PORTABOOM® for Traffic Control

PORTABOOM® offers the following benefits:

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