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PORTABOOM Pedestrian Light

The PORTABOOM® Pedestrian Light accessory improves the instruction given to pedestrians
around construction sites. 

PORTABOOM Pedestrian LightThe PORTABOOM® PB2000L unit and Pedestrian Light accessory work in conjunction with each other to provide additional safety for pedestrians. The additional visual cue improves instructions to pedestrians while the PORTABOOM® arm continues to provide a physical barrier to the work zone.

• For use at city construction sites, pedestrian crossings, access control points, gate control points and for general pedestrian


• The Pedestrian Light accessory is synchronised with the PORTABOOM® arm and is operated by the same remote control.

• The Pedestrian Light accessory is powered by the PORTABOOM® unit power source. No additional power is required.

• Easy to assemble.

• May be used in conjunction with other PORTABOOM® unit accessories, including the PB2000L Traffic Light. 

PORTABOOM Pedestrian Light

How does it work?

Operation from STOP to GO

When the boom arm is in the horizontal position the pedestrian light is solid red.

Activating the remote control raises the boom arm into the vertical position, while the pedestrian light remains solid red. After a programmed time (or by manual operation), the pedestrian light turns green advising pedestrians that it is safe to proceed.

Operation from GO to STOP

When the boom arm is in the vertical position, the pedestrian light is green. Activating the

remote control changes the pedestrian light to flashing red then to solid red. After the programmed time (or by manual operation), the boom arm lowers down to the horizontal position, securing the work zone from pedestrians. 

Watch this video that demonstrates how the PORTABOOM Pedestrian Light Works: 

Download the brochure here:

PORTABOOM Pedestrian Light