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PORTABOOM Keypad Access Controller

SpecsThe PORTABOOM® Keypad Access Controller is a solar powered keypad that requires a pin number to activate the PORTABOOM®.

KeyPad Access Controller

Features of the PORTABOOM® Keypad Access Controller:

• When a vehicle approaches the closed PORTABOOM® unit, the driver enters a pre-coded pin number that activates the opening of the PORTABOOM® arm.

• The keypad is solar powered and doesn’t require hard wiring to the PORTABOOM® unit. The keypad can be placed in a position suitable to the worksite.

• Ideal for use across a variety of industries requiring site access control including construction and mining sites, and secure parking.

• The keypad access control is an accessory to a regular PORTABOOM® unit.

• Provides the reassurance that only authorised vehicles access the worksite.

The PORTABOOM® Keypad Access Controller is the perfect solution for longer term access control points on worksites. Contract vehicles that approach the access control point simply key in a pin number that activates the raising of the PORTABOOM® arm for entry.

Key Pad Access Controller

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