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New Zealand Transport Agency approves PORTABOOM

Traffic & Access Solutions is pleased to announce that the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has approved the use of PORTABOOM® on all New Zealand Roads. As of today, operators, traffic controllers, contract workers and all New Zealanders will benefit by the enhanced safety that the PORTABOOM® system of work provides.

PORTABOOMPORTABOOM® is a device that facilitates the safe integration of mobile people and moving vehicles. PORTABOOM® effectively enhances safety across a variety of applications including:

PORTABOOM® is a patented portable boom gate. Operated by remote control, PORTABOOM® allows the operator to stand in a safe zone, removing them from the direct line of traffic. Unlike portable traffic lights, using PORTABOOM® provides a physical barrier, protecting worksites.

Robert Cazzolli, Director Traffic & Access Solutions commented “We are thrilled that our New Zealand neighbours are able to experience the same safety benefits using the PORTABOOM® system of work as we have accomplished in Australia. Using PORTABOOM® allows the operator to stand on a footpath, in a safe zone, rather than on the road and in harms way. The approval to use PORTABOOM® in New Zealand allows us to continue our mission to improve safety through Safe Smart Worksites.”

What’s involved in upgrading to the PORTABOOM® system of work?

Upgrading to the new PORTABOOM® system of work is simple. Traffic & Access Solutions and its hire and distributor partners, offer comprehensive training videos, materials and support to assist in a smooth transition.

Where can you hire PORTABOOM® units in New Zealand?

Kennards HireWant to trial PORTABOOM? Hire it from Kennards Hire New Zealand.

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Where can you buy PORTABOOM® units in New Zealand?

Vanguard GroupPORTABOOM® units can be purchased from Vanguard Group.

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