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5 Mins with Greg Madeley discussing traffic controller safety

Traffic and Access Solutions sits down with Greg Madeley, Traffic Expert and passionate safety advocate, to discuss traffic management safety.

Greg Madeldey

It would be impossible to find a person more passionate about workplace safety than Greg Madeley. Having personally experienced the unfathomable tragedy of losing his 18-year-old nephew to a work place accident, Greg honours his legacy by making it his mission to create safer workplaces.

Over the past two decades Greg has been involved in business management and consulting in the Australian traffic management industry and during this time he has committed himself to protecting people and their business. For many years Greg had identified the concerning practice of traffic controllers being positioned in the direct line of traffic to perform traditional stop/slow traffic control.

How did your relationship with Traffic & Access Solutions come about?

“In 2017, I discovered that Traffic & Access Solutions Directors, Robert Cazzolli and Fabian Diaz, had come to the same conclusion as me. We shared the view that traditional stop / slow traffic control presented unacceptable risks. They had invented the PORTABOOM® system of work to remove traffic controllers from the road and out of the direct line of traffic. I immediately understood the safety benefits of using PORTABOOM and became a PORTABOOM advocate to help educate the traffic control industry and their clients.”

Why do you support PORTABOOM®?

“PORTABOOM® ticks all the boxes. It’s the safest system of work available for traffic control operations. Unlike portable traffic lights, PORTABOOM®’s boom arm provides protection to the worksite. Motorists tend to speed up when they see a portable traffic light signal turning orange because they don’t want to get held up. But with PORTABOOM®, motorists approach the worksite with caution because of the boom arm.”

“Motorists are unpredictable particularly around work zones. They can be distracted and traffic controller incidents will continue to occur when using the traditional stop/slow traffic control methods. But with the PORTABOOM® system of work, traffic controllers can stand in a safe zone, away from distracted motorists,” said Greg.

What advice do you give to companies considering PORTABOOM®?

“Companies considering PORTABOOM® need to take the time to learn more about the product and how it can be built into their growth strategy. When you take the time to understand PORTABOOM® from a safety stand point, as well as a cost efficiency standpoint, the decision to adopt the PORTABOOM® system of work is an easy one” the question he asks companies is ‘why aren’t you using PORTABOOM®’ he added.

“When I am out speaking with clients, I occasionally come across the myth that PORTABOOM® is difficult to transport. However, many traffic control companies who are currently using PORTABOOM® haven’t found any difficulty incorporating Traffic & Access Solutions transport solutions to their fleet.”

“It’s important for the safety of traffic controllers and the wellbeing of their families that companies adopt new technologies that enhance safety rather than find excuses not to. And if we can save one life, it is worth the effort” he said.

Greg continues to play a large role in the Traffic Control industry in Australia. His energy and enthusiasm in advocating for safer and smarter worksites is a driving force of change within the industry. His commitment and passion for safety will ensure that current and future traffic controllers will benefit from his dedicated efforts.